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In forming the plural of figures, do not use an apostrophe:

  • the early 1900s
  • the late ’60s

Punctuate the year of college graduation with an apostrophe (curved and facing left, never straight and vertical):

  • Class of ’86
  • Carol Wanamaker Lenker ’57
  • William ’56 and Carol Wanamaker Lenker ’57

Master’s, bachelor’s, and associate’s degrees should always be written with an ’s.
Never write masters’ degrees. For PhD, use doctorate (noun) or doctoral degree (adjective).

Use ’s to form the possessive of singular nouns; use only an apostrophe for plural nouns ending in s:

  • student’s dorm
  • women’s rights
  • the United States’ wealth
  • regents’ meeting
  • Dickens’s life