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University Wordmark

The University of Hartford wordmark is composed of the University of Hartford name with a supporting anchor bar. The type is based on Gotham Medium but has been customized specifically for the University. The type and anchor bar are always used together, The position is fixed and should not be altered in any way.

There are two official wordmark versions (linear and stacked) with three different coloring options based on usage. (Red, Black, White or Knockout)

The preferred wordmark is the linear format.


A stacked version can be used when the preferred wordmark cannot. It should be used in situations where size or readability limits the use of the linear wordmark.


Rules to follow:

  • Always use the lockup as it has been designed.
  • Use a minimum clear-space on all sides of the wordmark equal to the height of the "N" in the word University.
  • Never change the official University red to a different color.
  • Using the wordmark lockup at too small of size will compromise its readability.
  • If the wordmark or lockup required is not listed or a specific size is needed, please contact the Office of Marketing and Communication and we will provide one.