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Appeals to Actions Taken

Appeals to Actions Taken in the Event of Less than Satisfactory Academic Progress 

Decisions to place students on probation, remove them from degree candidacy, or academically dismiss them are appealable according to the following rules and procedures.  Responsibility for initiating the appeal in a timely fashion and in accordance with the procedures outlined below lies with the student.

1.   Bases for Appeals:  Students may appeal these actions only on the basis of procedural irregularities or on the basis of mitigating circumstances.  Appeals based on mitigating circumstances should include explanations of the circumstances, a description of their effect on performance, and discussion of the actions taken to minimize or eliminate these circumstances and their effects.

2.   Procedures for Appeals:  An appeal must be made in writing to the dean of the college within fourteen (14) days after the beginning of the next regular (fall, spring) semester and should be accompanied by appropriate supporting documentation.  The dean will refer it to the academic standing committee of the college as soon as practicable.  Following review of the materials, the academic standing committee shall conduct a closed hearing; the student may, by request, be present.  Either the student or the academic standing committee may invite the Dean of Students and/or the Ombudsperson (with voice, but without vote).

Following the hearing, the academic standing committee shall either sustain or rescind the action.  There shall be no further appeal from decisions to place students on probation or to remove them from degree candidacy.  Decisions by academic standing committees on appeals of dismissal may be appealed to the Provost.

3.   Notification of Student:  Written notification of the decision of the academic standing committee will be mailed to the student within five (5) working days of the hearing.

 Documentation of Actions Taken in the Event of Less than Satisfactory Academic Progress

1.   Notification:  Colleges will notify students in writing and within ten working days of decisions to place or continue them on academic probation.  All notification sent to students regarding these actions shall follow a standard format; copies shall be forwarded to the Registrar's Office.

2.   Documentation:  Upon notification by the college of decisions to place students on probation, remove them from degree candidacy, or dismiss them academically, the Registrar's Office shall take the following steps:

a.    Probation:  The Registrar's Office does not record probation on the student's permanent academic record (transcript original).

b.   Removal from Degree Candidacy:  The Registrar's Office changes the appropriate section of the student's permanent academic record (transcript original) by entering "REMOVAL FROM DEGREE CANDIDACY."

c.    Academic Dismissal:  The Registrar's Office enters the notation, "ACADEMIC DISMISSAL," on the face of the student's permanent record (transcript original).

3.   Expungement: In the event of the reversal on appeal of an action to place on probation, to remove from degree candidacy, or dismiss, the Registrar's Office will remove all related documents from the student's file and expunge all references on the transcript original and other records.