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A to Z Directory
Please select a letter or number from the list below:

Handel Performing Arts Center (Main Number)860.768.2488  
Hartford Art School860.768.4393 Website
Hartford Consortium for Higher Education860.906.5016 Website
Hartt Academic Division860.768.4447  
Hartt Academic Studies860.768.4895  
Hartt Choral860.768.5273  
Hartt Community Division860.768.4451 Website
Hartt Concert Hotline860.768.5566  
Hartt Costume Shop860.768.4119  
Hartt Dean's 
Hartt Guitar860.768.5252  
Hartt History Theory & Composition860.768.4447  
Hartt House Stage Manager860.768.4678  
Hartt Information Desk860.768.4454  
Hartt Instrumental Division860.768.4461 Website
Hartt Keyboard860.768.5341  
Hartt Library860.768.4491 Website
Hartt Music Education860.768.4479 Website
Hartt Music Management860.768.4957  
Hartt Music Store860.768.4085  
Hartt Opera860.768.4469 Website
Hartt Recording Studio860.768.4125  
Hartt Scheduling860.768.4678  
Hartt School Information860.768.4454  
Hartt Simsmore 
Hartt Strings860.768.5719  
Hartt Summerterm860.768.4479hrtsumtrm@hartford.eduWebsite
Hartt Vocal Division860.768.4469  
Hartt Vocal Studies860.768.5240  
Hartt Winds, Brass & Percussion860.768.5250  
HawkCard ID Office860.768.5343  
Hawk's Nest Restaurant860.768.4033  
Hawks Ticket Office860.768.4295  
Health Professions (ENHP)860.768.4377 Website
Health Sciences860.768.4377  
Health Services860.768.6601 Website
Help Desk Services5999 
Henry Roberts Room860.768.4824  
Higher Ground Project860.768.5223  
Hillel Campus Center860.768.7956info@hartfordhillel.orgWebsite
Hillyer CAL Center Computer Lab860.768.4883  
Hillyer College860.768.4708  
Hillyer Dean's 
Hillyer Faculty 
Hillyer Student 
History (A&S)860.768.4234  
History Theory & Composition (Hartt)860.768.4447  
Honors (A&S) 
Hot Line-Sports Information860.768.5555  
House Stage Manager (Hartt)860.768.4678  
Housing Office860.768.7792  
Human Resources Development860.768.4666hrd@hartford.eduWebsite
Human Services ENHP860.768.4279  
Human Subjects Committee860.768.4721misovich@hartford.eduWebsite
Humanities Center860.768.4137  
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