Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice
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Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice

The Criminal Justice program offers courses in the study of criminal behavior, criminal law and proactive and reactive strategies of social control of crime. It is unique in the following ways:

  • The program emphasizes an interdisciplinary view of crime and its control, including policing, crime prevention through personal change and community development, taught within the context of the traditional liberal arts.
  • The program offers opportunities to study within agencies that deal with crime and justice.
  • The program offers courses that broadly educate students in the full range of issues related to the social nature of crime, criminal law and social control.

Majors in Criminal Justice must complete seven core courses (SOC 170, 242, 271, 318, 470, 473W and POL 250. Majors must also complete three Group A and three Group B courses.

(Applicable for the 2017-2018 Bulletin.)

First Year, Fall Semester

SOC 170, Introduction to Criminal Justice3
FYS 100, First-Year Seminar3
PHI 110, Introduction to History of Western Philosophy3
CS 110, Introduction to Computers, or InfoTechLit course3
DIA 100, Dialogue1
Total Credits = 16

First Year, Spring Semester

PSY 105, Introduction to Psychology, or EC 110, Introduction to Economics3
WRT 110, Academic Writing I3
Math elective (M 114, Everyday Statistics, recommended)3
SOC 110, Introduction to Sociology3
Total Credits = 15

Second Year, Fall Semester

CJ (Group A, 200 level)3
POL 110, Power and Politics in America3
SOC 271, Deviance3
WRT 210, Foundations of Argument3
ENG 140, Introduction to Literature, or Foreign Language Literature3
Total Credits = 15

Second Year, Spring Semester

Arts elective3
POL 250, Law and the Justice System3
AUCT (not AUCT 150)4
CJ (Group A, 300 level)3
HIS 131, The United States since the Civil War Era3
DIA 200, Career Dialogue1
Total Credits = 17

Third Year, Fall Semester

CJ elective (Group B)3
SOC 318, Internship3
SOC 242, Methods of Social Research4
Total Credits = 16

Third Year, Spring Semester

CJ elective (Group A)3
Lab Science4
CJ elective (Group B)3
Elective - Writing Intensive3
Total Credits = 16

Fourth Year, Fall Semester

CJ elective (Group B)3
SOC 470, Criminology3
Total Credits = 12

Fourth Year, Spring Semester

SOC 473W, Crime, Law, and the Administration of Justice3
Total Credits = 15

Group A:  Perspectives on Human Behavior (three courses, 9 credits)

SOC 273 International Organized Crime
SOC 278 Drugs and Society
SOC 372 Women and Crime
SOC 376 Juvenile Delinquency
SOC 378 Studies in Criminal Behavior
SOC 382 Race and Ethnic Relations
SOC 475 Race and Crime
SOC 476 Street Gangs
POL 421 Political Violence
PSY 262 Abnormal Psychology
PHI 233 Organizational Ethics

Group B:  Law and the Response to Social Conflict (three courses, 9 credits)

SOC 274 Sociological Analysis of Prisons and Corrections
SOC 277 Policing Society
SOC 319 Internship
SOC 375 Social Control
SOC 379 Studies in Crime Control
POL 351 Criminal Law and Procedure
POL 450 Constitutional Law
POL 451 Civil Liberties and Rights
POL 452 Jurisprudence