Calculating Your Grade Point Average (G.P.A.)
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Calculating Your Grade Point Average (G.P.A.)

1.  The University of Hartford uses a standard 4-point grading scale. Each letter is associated with a numerical quality point value (below) ranging from 0 for a grade of 'F' to 4.00 for a grade of 'A.'

GradeQuality Points per Credit Hour
Grades of P, NP, I, and W are not included in the G.P.A. calculation.
Sample G.P.A. Calculation: The following list of courses and grades is typical for a first year's first semester schedule. The grade point average (G.P.A.) is based on the quality point value of each grade and the credit hours per course. Although this student earned a total of 17 credits during the first semester, the G.P.A. is based on only the 16 credits for which she received letter grades.
Course ReceivedGrade Per Credit HourQuality Points Per CourseCredit Hours Per CourseQuality Points
RPW 110C+2.33X3=6.99
M 116B-2.67X3=8.01
AUCS 120B3.00X3=9.00
BIO 110B+3.33X4=13.32
HIS 101C2.00X3=6.00
DIA 100P*(0.00)*X(1)*=(0.00)*
*Not used in the calculation of the G.P.A.

To calculate the semester G.P.A.:

a. Find the total sum of the 'Quality Points Per Course' column, 43.32.
b. Divide the sum by the number of credits used in the G.P.A. calculation, 16: 43.32/16 = 2.7075.
c. The semester G.P.A. is 2.70.

2.  The minimum G.P.A. for satisfactory academic progress is based on the total number of credits a student has attempted (earned, withdrawn, failed, or transferred). The minimum cumulative G.P.A. for each range of credits for students enrolled in baccalaureate programs is listed below:

ETF* Credits Completed0-2324-5354-8687+
GPA Required1.
* ETF = Earned, transferred or failed credits
The first-year student in the sample above has made satisfactory academic progress during her first semester since her earned G.P.A. of 2.70 is well above the 1.70 required for 17 credits attempted.