Probation, Removal from Degree Candidacy, Dismissal and Fresh Start
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Probation, Removal from Degree Candidacy, Dismissal and Fresh Start

If a student does not maintain satisfactory academic progress, the student will be placed on probation (with the exception of first semester freshmen, who receive a warning letter).  Advisors will be sent a letter for any advisees who have been placed on probation.  Advisors should contact these students as soon as possible to help them address the problems.  Advisor intervention can be critical to a student’s success.  A student placed on probation who does not return to satisfactory academic progress (by earning more credits, improving the GPA, or both) by the start of the next fall semester will lose financial aid.  A student who has been placed on probation and does not show improvement in a subsequent semester may face further action including “removal from degree candidacy” or dismissal. 

A student who is “removed from degree candidacy” shows little chance of being successful in the declared program.  The student becomes non-matriculated and may enroll part time in up to a total of 15 credits.  If a student is able to bring their GPA up to a 2.0 in the course of those 15 credits, the student is eligible to re-apply to the college and continue in any program. 

A student who is dismissed from the University shows little promise of being successful in a University degree program.  The GPA for these students is at least 0.5 below their requirement (i.e. A GPA less than 1.3 for a second semester freshman.)  Dismissed students are ineligible to begin any new courses at University of Hartford.

A student has the right to appeal placement on probation, removal from degree candidacy, or dismissal by contacting the A&S Associate Dean of Student Academic Services in writing within 14 days of the start of the next semester (fall or spring).  The appeal will be heard and decided by the A&S Committee on Academic Standing.  Academic dismissal decisions may be further appealed to the Provost.  See the Manual of Academic Policies and Procedures Section XVII, Letter I for more information. 

A student who is dismissed or withdrawn in academic difficulty may apply for re-admission in two years under the Fresh Start program.  The A&S Committee on Academic Standing reviews Fresh Start applications.  If accepted under this program, the student is treated as a transfer student and any courses where a D or less was earned are eliminated from the record and all other Hartford credits, but not the grades, are carried forward.