Course Load
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Course Load

A student’s course load is based on the number of credits registered per semester.  Students are encouraged to carry at least 15 credits per semester since this will allow for graduation in four years without the need for Winterterm or Summerterm coursework.  Any student at 12 credits or more is considered a full-time student.  If a student registers for less than 12 credits, they are considered to be part-time students.  If a student drops courses so they are registered for less than 12 credits, they will carry an underload.  This may be reasonable for students who are under severe stress or are working at improving their GPA,.  Carrying less than 12 credits may affect a student’s financial aid including loans, housing, private health insurance, auto insurance discounts, F-1 Visa status and other eligibility. 

For students living on campus, removal from housing is possible if a student drops below full-time status.  Contact the Director for Residential Life, Michael Malone, at ext 7792 for more information. 

Before an advisor signs a form to allow a student, who is receiving financial aid, to drop below 12 credits, they should refer the student to the financial aid office (Ashley Witkoski, ext. 4642) so that the student is fully aware of any consequences to their aid package. 

A student will need an advisor's signature to register for classes through the first week of the semester.  During the second week, all instructors’ signatures are also required.  After the second week of classes, the signature of the Associate Dean of A&S for Student Academic Services is also required.

A student who registers for more than 18 credits is carrying an overload.  This will require the approval and signature of the A&S Associate Dean for Student Academic Services.  If approved, the student will be allowed to register and will be charged for all credits over 18 credits.  Overloading is helpful when successful students would like additional courses for added enrichment or have a need to take a certain course offered in a particular term.  It is not recommended for students to overload to improve a poor academic record.  These students should take a modest course load and be encouraged to enroll in winterterm or summerterm courses.