Advisor/Advisee Assignments
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Advisor/Advisee Assignments


Incoming freshman are assigned into Dialogue groups by the A&S Associate Dean of Student Academic Services.  When possible, students are assigned to groups by major.  Undecided (or To Be Determined (TBD)) students are also grouped together.  The Dialogue Advisor serves as the academic advisor during the first year.  When possible, Dialogue advisors will participate in at least one of the five summer orientation sessions to meet their advisees and register them for the Fall semester. 

Transfer students are assigned advisors by department based on their intended major.  Undecided transfer students are assigned evenly to departments.  The incoming transfer student is asked to contact the designated advisor for their assigned department, indicated in the Advising Directory, in the summer for Fall course selection.  The designated faculty member will either serve as the student’s advisor, or assign another departmental faculty member to the student.  In the event that registration cannot occur during the summer, the advisor will schedule a meeting with the transfer student on transfer orientation day, which is the first day of Session 5 summer orientation in August (usually the Friday before classes begin). 


Students who enter the college and are undecided about their major should be encouraged by their advisor to explore areas of interest and to take classes in a variety of disciplines.  If a student is contemplating a certain major, the advisor should encourage the student to meet with faculty in the relevant department.  While students may change advisor and/or major at any time, students are required to declare their major by the end of their sophomore year.  To declare or change a major, the student should be referred to the Office of A&S Student Academic Services (H 204) to obtain a “Change of Curriculum Status Form.”  This form is to be used for changing college (within UHA), changing major, changing advisor, adding/removing a double major or double (dual) degree, and adding/removing a minor.  The present advisor is required to sign the form to indicate that there has been a discussion about the change indicated on the form.  If a student is changing advisors and not changing majors, the student may obtain the signature of the department Chair instead of the current advisor.  In cases where the Chair is the current advisor, the A&S Associate Dean of Student Academic Services may sign for the current advisor.  The student should then be referred to the designated contact person in the Advising Directory who will sign the form as Department Chair and also appoint a new advisor within the discipline.  The form is then submitted to the Office of A&S Student Academic Services (H 204) for processing.  The former advisor will be contacted by the Office of A&S Student Academic Services to forward all pertinent advising documents in the advising folder for distribution to the new advisor. 

Students may also design their own major by developing an interdisciplinary contract major.  Please see the Majors Book for more information and the relevant forms.  The major requires the selection of 15 credits of core courses and 30 credits of A&S upper level (300 and 400 level) courses.  Completed applications should be submitted to Tina Pesola in H 205 who will refer these to the A&S Committee on Academic Standing for evaluation and approval.

When a student develops an interest in a second major, the student may declare either a double major or a double degree.  For a double major, the student will complete all degree requirements for the first major and just the major requirements for the second.  One degree will be awarded with one diploma.  If a student declares a double degree (dual degree), the student must meet all degree requirements, including general education, for both majors and earn a total of at least 150 credits.  These students will be awarded two degrees with two diplomas. 

If a student is transferring into A&S from another college within the University, the student must have a 2.0 GPA to be accepted by the college.  Hillyer students who desire to transfer prior to completing the Associate’s degree will need a 2.5 GPA to be accepted.