CAPP Information
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CAPP Information

Curriculum, Advising and Program Planning (CAPP) is the evaluation system used to determine which classes a student still needs to take to fulfill the degree requirements.

Currently, CAPP is only available for advisors to access.

How to interpret a CAPP report.

How to generate a CAPP report.

  1. Select Advisor Menu on the Faculty & Advisors Main Menu screen.
  2. Select Degree Evaluation on the Advisor Menu screen.
  3. Select a term to get a listing of students attending during that term (e.g., Fall Term 2008). Click Submit.
  4. Select a student from the drop-down list of Students in Your College and click Submit; or select Enter Student ID Directly. If entering a student’s ID directly, input ID and click Submit ID. Click OK to verify.
  5. Select What-If Analysis on the Degree Evaluation screen (bottom right corner).
  6. Select the appropriate entry term for the student (e.g., Fall Term 2005). Click Continue. The entry term is the term the student was matriculated into the program. This step sets the academic criteria that will be used to evaluate the student’s record.
  7. Select the appropriate program from the drop-down list (e.g., A&S BA-Politics & Government). Click Continue.
  8. For Campus, select Main Campus from the drop-down list. For First Major, select the appropriate major and department (e.g., Politics & Government and Department: Politics & Government) from the drop-down list. If there are no concentrations within the major, click Submit.

    If there are concentrations within the major, click Add More. Then select the appropriate concentration(s) from the drop down list for Concentration 1 (Concentration 2), and click Submit.

  9. Select the term that you are doing the evaluation (e.g., Fall Term 2008). Check the Use In-Progress Courses box if you want In-Progress courses included. Click Generate Request.
  10. Select Detail Requirements. Click Submit.

If you want to generate an additional evaluation for a different student from this point:

  1. Click Faculty Services.
  2. Select Advisor Menu.
  3. Select ID Selection.
  4. Select student from the drop-down-list or enter the ID directly.
  5. Select Degree Evaluation.
  6. Follow Steps 5-10 from above.