How to Officially Declare an Independent Contract Major
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How to Officially Declare an Independent Contract Major

Who is Eligible...

Students in good academic standing in the College of Arts and Sciences are eligible to apply for an Interdisciplinary Major after they have earned at least 30 credit hours, and are normally ineligible once they have earned 75 or more credits.

Preparation of the Student’s Proposal...

The student, in consultation with a full-time member of the faculty, initiates her/his own proposal for a planned concentration that transcends a single major. This proposal must then be reviewed and accepted by the faculty member in the dominant area of emphasis. If there are equal emphases, more than one faculty member may be asked to review the proposal and to judge whether it merits further consideration.

The proposal must indicate clearly the objectives toward which the major is directed, and should provide the basic rationale. In addition, the proposal must list all the courses, or alternate courses where appropriate, that are to comprise the full course of study. These must be selected from courses already available at the University or at member institutions of the Greater Hartford Consortium. The student must check with individual departments or consortium colleges (if appropriate) to be certain alternate-year courses and courses are not regularly scheduled will be available to meet the time table of the proposal. Courses which students have already completed or plan to take at other institutions for transfer credit may also be included in the proposal.

As this is a degree program in the College of Arts and Sciences, students will be expected to (a) fulfill the A&S General Education requirements and (b) incorporate a core of A&S upper level courses in the Contract. The other baccalaureate degree requirements (total number of credits, quality point average, and other qualifications) are the same as for all students.

The only component which differs is the core of courses required for a “departmental major” where the interdisciplinary major will require a minimum of 45 credit hours individually prescribed in the student’s proposal, and of these a minimum of 30 credits of courses at the junior-senior level. As with all majors in the College of Arts and Sciences, all courses for the Contract Major must be taken for a letter grade.

Acceptance of the Student’s Proposal...

When the proposal has been reviewed favorably and endorsed by the student’s advisor, he/she must then submit it to the College of Arts and Sciences Committee on Academic Standing. Please contact Katie Cox – (, H 204) – for assistance. This committee will make the final determination. If the proposal is approved, the committee chair will notify the Registrar, the College Evaluator, and the faculty advisor(s). Successful completion of the proposed course of study, together with the other requirements common to all baccalaureate programs in the College, will result in the awarding of the appropriate degree. A special designation indicating the area of concentration of the interdisciplinary major will be posted on the student’s permanent transcript.

Revisions and Adjustments...

Once approved, any substantive changes in or modifications of the planned course of study must be reviewed by the advisor(s) and approved by the Arts and Sciences Committee on Academic Standing.

The student may elect to withdraw from the proposed major at any time should the original proposal prove unsatisfactory for whatever reasons. In that event, he/she may submit a new proposal following the procedures outlined above or he/she may choose to follow the requirements of a standard departmental major in the College.