Hartford Remembers the Holocaust
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Hartford Remembers the Holocaust

Holocaust Memorial

Hartford Remembers the Holocaust introduces visitors to the history of the Holocaust through the experiences of Holocaust survivors who settled in our community, rebuilding their lives in America after the trauma of World War II. Through their lives and their memories, we can learn the importance of preserving the past to build a better future and the role that all of us can play in building a society dedicated to mutual understanding and respect that celebrates diversity and cares for others.

Hartford Remembers the Holocaust introduces visitors to first-hand stories of survival, recorded as a testimony to what happens when prejudice and discrimination are allowed to multiply without the intervention of responsible individuals and governments. Through the testimonies of survivors, as well as the stories of their children and grandchildren, visitors to the exhibition will begin to understand the lasting impact of the Holocaust into the 21st century. Visitors will be introduced to survivors and their families, bearing witness to those who perished in World War II and to the remarkable resilience of survivors who came to Hartford and became part of our community.

Through the stories of the survivors featured in this exhibit, we can begin to learn about the great Jewish civilization that once existed in Europe and about the Jewish encounter with persecution in Nazi-occupied Europe: from the rise of Hitler and the Nazis in Germany, to the experiences of Kristallnacht and the outbreak of World War II, the German occupation of Western Europe, deportation to concentration camps, forced labor camps, and extermination camps, Jewish life in the ghettos of Eastern Europe, Jewish participation in the resistance, flight to the forests, Jewish participation in the partisans, survival in hiding, and more. We will also learn how Jews rebuilt their lives in the aftermath of such destruction, committed to ensuring that the memory of their loved ones would not be forgotten, and that the world would learn from the persecution of Jews and other victims to prevent such atrocities in the future.

Hartford Remembers the Holocaust is made possible by grants from:

  • The Connecticut Humanities Council,

  • The Maximillian E. and Marion O. Hoffman Foundation, and

  • The Jewish Community Foundation of Greater Hartford;

with the support of:

  • The Mandell JCC,

  • The Jewish Historical Society,

  • The Jewish Federation of Greater Hartford, and the

  • Maurice Greenberg Center for Judaic Studies at the University of Hartford.