Frequently Asked Questions about the School Psychology Program
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Frequently Asked Questions about the School Psychology Program

I earned my Bachelor’s Degree in psychology, how many credits must I complete?

The School Psychology Program is a 69-credit program of study leading to the MS degree with a major in School Psychology and a specialization in Clinical Child Counseling. The MS is awarded at the end of the 2nd year of study. Following the 3rd year of study students receive a Sixth Year Certificate and are eligible for endorsement to the State of Connecticut for credentialing as a Certified School Psychologist.

Does the program accept part-time students?

The program only accepts full-time students. Moreover, students are only accepted for the fall semester.

I hold a degree in a major other than psychology. Must I complete another degree in psychology in order to apply to the program?

All applicants must hold either a degree in psychology or an equivalent degree. Fundamentally, this means that while we respect training in other fields the foundation of education learned as a psychology major is deemed a critical foundation for study in this program. Those with degrees in other fields should complete equivalent coursework. [Of note, in rare instances we have accepted applicants with “comparable” degrees in such fields as “Child Development and Family Relations.” In these cases the Admissions Committee has agreed that these degrees are “substantially similar.” At the same time, such decisions can only be made after formal application is completed.]

How many students are accepted annually and must I submit GRE scores?

The School Psychology Program accepts approximately 12 students annually. All applicants must submit General GRE scores. The Admissions Committee looks closely at all facets of the application and offers finalists an interview for admission.

How long is the program and can it be completed in a more expedient fashion?

The School Psychology program offers an integrated, planned, program of study spread over a three-year time block. It cannot be condensed. Briefly, the 1st year includes foundation coursework and pre-practica training. The 2nd year includes more advanced coursework and a year-long, half-time, practicum. The 3rd year includes the final coursework and an intensive full-time, year-long, internship.

When are classes typically offered?

Classes are “typically” offered between 1 P.M. into the evening, with occasional classes offered earlier in the day. Because classes are sequenced students must be available for a full-time curriculum.