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Physics Faculty Members


James McDonald, PhD - Department Chair

James McDonald is an accelerator physicist who studies low-energy nuclear physics, particularly the reactions involved in solar fusion. He also has experience in radiation protection, K-12 science education, and the intersection of science and art.  Read More


Laurence I. Gould, PhD

Laurance Gould's interests range from connections between Non-Local Dynamical Equations and Conservation Laws, to Critical Investigations of the Claims about “Global Warming/Climate Change/Global Climate Disruption”, and Symmetry in Science Education.  Read More


Hashini Mohottala, PhD

Hashini Mohottala's interests include condensed matter experimental Physics with a focus on the local properties of highly correlated electron systems such as doped perovskite oxides, cuprates (high temperature superconductors), manganites and coboltates.  Read More


Fred Striefler, PhD

Fred Striefler's interests lie in the general area of theoretical Solid State Physics and Computational Physics.  Read More


Howard D. Goldick, PhD - Adjunct Faculty

Howard Goldick's areas of special interest are physics as applied to an understanding of the functioning of the human body; as well as the metaphysical underpinnings of physics.  Read More