Flipping Calculus | Meet the Team
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Flipping Calculus | Meet the Team

John Williams, PhD


John Williams' interest is in the use of technology in pedagogy. That includes both student-centered technology such as graphing calculators, CAS and online homework systems to presentation technology such as clickers and chalkless lectures. He sees that most students learn in a way that is different than people did thirty years ago and feels an obligation to adapt his teaching to their learning styles. The ability to illuminate complex mathematical ideas with technology is a game changer. "The idea that all our students carry a full computer algebra system in their hand changes the focus of education. When students graduate, they will access to even more technology, and our job in academia is to prepare them for a life of learning."

John Williams retired from the University in 2017.


Jean McGivney-Burelle, PhD


Jean McGivney-Burelle is Professor of Mathematics and Executive Director of the Center for Teaching Excellence and Innovation at the University of Hartford. She earned her BS and MS in mathematics and her PhD in Curriculum and Instruction, with a focus on mathematics education. Her research interests focus on the use of research-based instructional strategies and technology to engage students in learning mathematics.

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Larissa Schroeder, PhD


Larissa Schroeder is an Associate Professor of Mathematics with an MS in Mathematics and a PhD in Curriculum in instruction. Her current research focuses on active learning in flipped classrooms and the use of computer-based systems to enhance student learning. In particular, she is interested in the use of video as a teaching tool in flipped, hybrid or purely online courses.

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Mako Haruta, PhD


Mako Haruta has experience as a high school mathematics teacher and has been a full-time member of the Department of Mathematics faculty since 1992. Her current focus is on mathematics curriculum development and the integration of technology into college mathematics courses. She has conducted teacher training and professional development workshops for high school and community college mathematics departments, edits and reviews for major mathematics textbook publishers as a consultant, and has developed and run gifted mathematics pull-out and after-school programs for local elementary and middle school students.

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Fei Xue, PhD


Students usually call Fei Xue, Professor X. He enjoys teaching all kinds of mathematics. He came to the University of Hartford in 2008 after being an assistant professor for two years at Lynchburg College in Virginia. His research includes differential and difference equations, dynamical equations on time scales, and a little bit of probability. Also, he worked with an engineering professor working on transportation problems.

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Ben Pollina, PhD


Ben Pollina retired from the University in 2017. 

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