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Research Projects

Mako Haruta, PhD

Undergrad Research/Independent Study

I am collaborating with Dave Miller on the Calculus Solutions Group (CSG), a student research project. A collaborative team of first- and second-year students is generating detailed solutions for Calculus course materials, created during the NSF funded Flipped Calculus project, currently used in our flipped classrooms. Students are co-writing and co-editing solutions at team meetings, then asynchronously using LaTeX on Overleaf to publish.

Middle School Mathematics Project

Emulating the Mathematics Research Process with Elementary Students

An after-school program of weekly instruction for a group of ten mathematically gifted 5th graders, with a middle school teaching assistant, to provide an experience that emulated the mathematics research process. Student work evolved from problem-solving into problem posing. Over 5 months, the team collaboratively wrote, edited, and solved a set of six mathematics puzzle-problems, culminating in “Friday Math Group Presentation Day,” at the University of Hartford, providing the experience of an academic seminar on a college campus. Each child formally presented their problem and solution for an audience of over 45 people, completing their research experience from conception to dissemination.