Teaching | Diego Benardete
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Diego Benardete, PhD

I follow a four-fold approach that includes symbolic, verbal, graphical, and numerical methods. Step-by-step algorithms executed by hand are also important. In Fall 2019 and Fall 2020 I teach a capstone course in mathematics (M495) that will be required of seniors in the bachelor's programs. The course will emphasize guided independent collaborative research with oral and written presentations including critical reflection on the merits of different approaches to mathematical problems. The topic of the course will be the differential geometry of surfaces approached computationally with a suite of MATLAB computer software.

Courses Taught

  • M 110: Modeling With Elementary Functions
  • M 220: Linear Algebra
  • M 240: Multivariable Calculus
  • M 242: Differential Equations
  • M 310: History of Mathematics
  • M246: Applied Mathematics for Civil Engineering
  • M 344: Advanced Engineering Mathematics
  • M 470: Topology