School of Communication Academic Programs
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School of Communication Academic Programs

Bachelor of Arts in Cinema

In our cinema program, you will learn how to analyze film and how to make your own original films. You will be immersed in viewing, discussing, writing about, and making films. A broad foundation in film theory, history, and analysis is complemented by a more in-depth examination of films from particular genres, themes, directors, or nations in a broad variety of film studies courses.

Bachelor of Arts in Communication - Advertising and Public Relations Emphasis

Our advertising and public relations program prepares you with the knowledge for advertising, public relations and marketing positions. Writing, analysis, and research skills are developed across the full range of coursework. You will produce portfolio-level work for local clients in our campaigns classes and by participating in national competitions sponsored by the American Advertising Federation and the Public Relations Student Society of America.

Bachelor of Arts in Communication - Communication Studies Emphasis

College graduates who have effective communication skills and knowledge of communication processes will be qualified for a variety of employment options. Our communication studies emphasis is designed to enhance your skills in group collaboration and leadership, conflict management, team presentations, persuasion, and adapting to communication media. These skills are valuable for entry-level positions and beyond in corporate training, human resources, sales, corporate and employee communications, and management as well as being in demand at non-profit organizations and agencies. In addition, coursework in communication studies helps students understand essential processes such as verbal and nonverbal communication, conflict, and persuasion.

Bachelor of Arts in Digital Media and Journalism

Our digital media and journalism degree prepares you for a career in digital media production, broadcast journalism, sports media, or as a media business professional. You use a combination of real-world and classroom experience and you build a strong portfolio through internships. You choose from three Areas of Emphasis:

Digital Media Production

Journalism and Sports Media

Media Studies

Master of Arts in Communication

Conveniently scheduled in the evenings, our classes have a rich mixture of traditional full-time graduate students and working professionals taking a class or two each term. The flexibility of the program enables you to create an individualized program of study. The program is designed to provide a well-rounded, innovative and integrated education for today and the future, you can focus on either media, human communication studies, integrated communication or design an individualized program.

Accelerated Master of Arts in Communication

This program allows you to complete both a Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts in communication in five years rather than the six years it would take if the degrees were pursued consecutively and on a full-time basis. The program is designed for exceptional undergraduate students who have demonstrated a commitment to academic excellence and who know in their junior year that they wish to pursue a master’s degree.

Minor in Cinema

Students can complete a minor in cinema by taking five courses in film studies that combine a background in film analysis with a more in-depth examination of specific kinds of films, such as those by a prominent director or from a particular genre.

Minor in Communication

Students from a wide variety of other programs on campus —from illustration in the Hartford Art School to marketing in the Barney School of Business—take advantage of the opportunity to complete a minor in communication.