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Storm Advisory

Due to forecast winter storm conditions, the University of Hartford will be closed for day classes (those classes before 4 p.m.) and daytime operations on Monday, Feb. 2. An advisory on the status of evening classes and activities after 4 p.m. will be released by early afternoon on Monday.

During the time that the University is closed, the Commons will maintain regular dining hours for residential students. snow closing guide

current as of 8:54 p.m., 2/1/15

Important Academic Services Forms

Application for Credit by Exam 

Path by which students can earn credit for a course by taking an exam.  

Change of Course Level

Used to give credit to an undergraduate student for a graduate course or vice versa.

Change of Major Form

Used to change or add a major or minor.  See more instructions here.

Graduation Application 

To be filled out by a graduating student in the semester they intend to graduate.  Please either personally deliver, mail in or fax in the completed form to ensure you are considered for graduation.

Independent Contract Major

Find instructions for how to complete the application here.  For more information, click here.

Incomplete Contract

Must be filled out to justify giving a student an incomplete and must be submitted with the change of grade form.  See more information here.

Permit for Transfer Credit

Must be filled out to receive credit at the University of Hartford for a course taken somewhere else.  See more information here.

Substitution/Waiver Form

Used when one class needs to be used to fulfill the requirements filled by another.  See more information here.