Arts and Sciences Retirements and Milestones
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Arts and Sciences Retirements and Milestones

Retiring Faculty
Nearly 150 Years of Service and Dedication

Five faculty members have retired this year, with a combined total of nearly a century and a half of service to the University.

  • Michael Anderson, professor of computer science, came to the University in 1995. His research has included diagrammatic reasoning and machine ethics.

  • Donald Ellis, professor of communication, has conducted research about the language of communication and conflict. He has been at the University of Hartford since 1986.

  • Benedict Pollina, associate professor of mathematics, came to the University in 1975. The primary focus of his career has been on the application of technology to the teaching of mathematics.

  • Joseph Voelker, professor of English, is a scholar of Irish and American literature. He started at the University in 2003 and has served as dean of the college, interim provost, and most recently as the director of the Presidents’ College.

  • John Williams, associate professor of mathematics, came to the University in 1984. His research area is complex variables, although more recently he has been active in adapting technology for teaching and developing flipped courses.

Anniversary Milestones

In addition, other members of the faculty and staff celebrated anniversaries this year.

  • 40 years: Roger Desmond

  • 35 years: Robert Duran and Vincent Motto

  • 30 years: Robert Decker

  • 25 years: Diego Benardete, Caryn Christensen, and Randy Jacobs

  • 20 years: Maria Esposito Frank, Warren Goldstein, Donald Jones, and James Shattuck

  • 15 years: Mark Blackwell, Sharmon Kennedy, Linda Scacco, Karen Schermerhorn, T. Stores, Erin Striff, and Lynn Thibodeau

  • 10 years: Lauren Cook, Marco Cupolo, Aime Levesque, Deborah Perleoni, Beth Richards, and Bryan Sinche

  •   5 years: Allison Joslyn