A&S Express Newsletter - Fall 2015
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A&S Express Newsletter - Fall 2015

Katherine A. Black, Dean

Greetings from the College of Arts and Sciences!

As part of the University of Hartford’s strategic plan, the College of Arts and Sciences is working to incorporate more high-impact teaching practices into our curriculum. These are teaching methodologies which national research has shown to actively engage students and help them learn. They also foster the kinds of skills that employers are looking for, namely critical thinking, problem-solving, the ability to work effectively with others, and communication skills. 

The stories you will read in this issue are examples of high-impact practices in the College of Arts and Sciences: research, internships, and study abroad. The stories also illustrate the importance of faculty mentoring, which is a hallmark of the University of Hartford. The relationships students build with faculty contribute to a transformative experience for our students and have a lasting impact on their lives long after they graduate.

You will also read about our A&S ambassadors program. Ambassadors are current students who are so enjoying their University of Hartford experience that they are helping us to recruit new students.

Finally, you will read about our students, faculty, and staff who won awards in the last year. We also have several new faces in the dean’s office and among the faculty who we are welcoming to the University of Hartford community. 

Happy reading!

Courtney C. Pink, DVM

Race Horse Veterinarian

For Courtney C. Pink, DVM, the Department of Chemistry was her home away from home during the four years that she was earning her BS in chemistry-biology at the University of Hartford. “Everyone in the department worked together and supported one another. It was more than a community; we were a family,” Pink recalls.


Ashley Nicole Scales

Career Matchmaker

Since graduating from the University of Hartford with a BA in Psychology in 2013 and an MS in Organizational Psychology in 2014, Ashley Scales has met early success in her professional life.


Avinoam Patt

What do we remember?

How do we remember something we have never experienced? Is it possible to form a memory of an event you did not live through but only heard about, learned about, read about, or saw in a movie?


Nicole Awad

Going Where Life Takes Her

Nicole Awad '17,  a junior in the College of Arts and Sciences, is no stranger to travel and adventure. In her two years at the University of Hartford, Awad has already had the opportunity to travel to Greece and Lithuania to conduct archeological research and hopes to study and travel more, continuing to live by her mantra of “going where life takes me!”


Kimberly Bigelow

Internships Opening New Doors

Kimberly Bigelow ’16 vividly recalls the moment on her tour of campus, as a high school senior, when she knew the University of Hartford was her first-choice school. "This place just felt right!” After more than three years at the University, and a couple of transformational internships, Bigelow will continue to call campus home after graduating this December.


A&S Welcomes New Faces

The College of Arts and Sciences is pleased to welcome a number of new faces in the dean’s office and in departments across the college.


Members of A&S Honored

In the time between commencement in May and the start of the new academic year in September, seven members of the College of Arts and Sciences were honored with awards.

See the list.

A&S Student Ambassadors

Arts and Sciences Student Ambassadors are now working with the director of Collegiate Admissions and Communication to personalize the campus visit experience for prospective students.