Donald W. Davis All-University Curriculum Award
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Donald W. Davis All-University Curriculum Award

Sarah Senk, PhD

Assistant Professor
English and Modern Languages

Assistant Professor Sarah Senk

The creativity and energy Sarah Senk, PhD, brings to her teaching is contagious, encouraging students to be more thoughtful and analytical in their reading and writing. In essence, she imbues the joy of learning in her students.

As Nicholas Ealy, associate professor of English, says, Senk “creates an intellectual community of support for her students, especially those who may have otherwise not found their way through the University of Hartford.” Student evaluations attest to that fact: She “is passionate, very helpful, willing to clarify instructions (over and over again) if asked.” Her “expectations are made clear, and engaging discussions encourage [students] to think creatively.”

These qualities and her outstanding scholarship have earned Senk the Donald W. Davis All-University Curriculum Award, which honors faculty members who are effective interdisciplinary teachers and scholars; have contributed to the All-University Curriculum (AUC) program as a whole; and are advocates for interdisciplinary education.

Senk has designed and taught two new AUC courses— Modernism and the Arts, and HBO’s Girls and the Millennial Journey. Additionally, she helped conceptualize and co-create the course Literature and Psychology, and has guest lectured multiple times for The Caribbean Mosaic.

A literature scholar by training, Senk has published articles on pedagogical practice, pop culture, and visual studies in both academic and mass-market venues. This past semester, she organized the University of Hartford Humanities Center Lecture Series, “Remembering 9/11,” and she taught interdisciplinary first-year seminars that bring together the arts, humanities, and social sciences.

Because Senk is a constant source of ideas and information, many of her colleagues have adopted her teaching methods such as the use of Google Docs in the classroom (which won her a teaching award in 2014) and“flipping the classroom” which has solidified her reputation as a master of teaching with technology.

Senk, who joined the University in 2010, earned her BA in Literature from Yale, her MSt in English from the University of Oxford, and her PhD in Comparative Literature at Cornell University.