Katharine Owens selected by the City of Hartford for "Outside the Box"
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Katharine Owens selected by the City of Hartford for "Outside the Box"

Katharine Owens with Clockwork Stag Beetle

The Outside the Box program, organized by the City of Hartford's Marketing, Events, & Cultural Affairs Office (MECA) and the Livable Sustainable Neighborhoods Initiative (LSNI), was designed to discourage graffiti while creating a new space for the public to engage with art within the city.

Sixteen utility boxes along Franklin Avenue were designated for the project. The utility boxes were stripped of all of the posters and graffiti, and were primed for the selected artists to decorate. One of the sixteen artists who were selected was the College of Arts and Sciences' own Katharine Owens.

Katharine Owens, PhD, an associate professor in the politics, economics and international studies department, is very passionate about the environment, as well as a talented artist. Her artwork can be viewed in its natural environment at the intersection of Franklin Avenue and Brown Street in Hartford.

“My intent is to express my love for nature, while inspiring the public to think about the environment. The images of insects filled with clockwork gears are a re-imagining of the natural world as clockwork creations. I am interested in the way humankind influences nature, habitats, and species.” —Katharine Owens

Clockwork Stag Beetle

Clockwork Bee, Wasp, and Velvet Ant