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Wednesday, January 28

In the aftermath of the winter storm, the University of Hartford is operating on a normal schedule.

Move your vehicle to allow for snow removal in parking lots.

current as of 4:20 p.m., Jan. 28, 2015

Bachelor of Arts in Physics

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This is a flexible program consisting of a concentration in physics, requirements in mathematics and chemistry, and a broad range of required and elective courses in the arts and sciences. The required courses may be combined with courses in education to complete certification for teaching in the public schools.

Course Requirements for the Bachelor of Arts Major

Learning Outcomes for the Bachelor of Arts in Physics

Students will:

  1. Demonstrate knowledge of the body of natural laws through which much of the behavior of the physical universe can be understood and predicted;
  2. Demonstrate an understanding of the powerful concepts of mathematical analysis necessary for the construction and application of physical theories;
  3. Demonstrate competency in the use of sophisticated and accurate apparatus specifically designed to discover the physical attributes of matter and radiation and their interactions; and
  4. Demonstrate ability to properly interpret data obtained from experimental investigations and mathematical simulations.