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Academic Departments

The College of Arts and Sciences is the University’s central and largest college. Through its instruction in the humanities, sciences, and social sciences, the College of Arts and Sciences seeks to foster respect for excellence, tolerance of others, dedication to fairness and social justice, precision in speech and thought, and development of intellect.

It does so through a mixture of traditional and innovative programs. Particularly noteworthy are the developing interdisciplinary programs that cut across traditional boundaries and focus on emerging social needs and issues in reading and writing, literature, the environment, internationalization, media, communication, and technology. 


Art History - Transitioning to the Hartford Art School

Art historians investigate and interpret visual images and material artifacts from the past and present; works that are there to be seen in galleries and museums and in their original settings throughout the world. Go



The program allows students to specialize and perform research with our faculty in a variety of areas, including animal physiology, cell biology, environmental science, botany, microbiology, molecular genetics, animal science, and neuroscience.  Go



Students with an aptitude and desire to do laboratory research have the opportunity to work with a faculty member during their undergraduate training using a wide array of instrumentation. Go


School of Communication

Our mission is to prepare communication graduates to successfully navigate a changing world. Students graduate prepared to shape a technologically and culturally diverse world, engage in lifelong learning, and achieve personal and professional success.  Go


Computer Science

With a degree in Computer Science, your career path can take many forms. Computer scientists are found in virtually every major industry, research field, and educational facility. Go



All English majors develop an understanding of literature, an awareness of the relationship between literature and culture, and a mastery of both the expressive skills and the critical reading skills necessary for success in any career.  Go



Studying history connects students and professors to the astonishing variety of human experiences that have preceded us and shows how that experience has value, power, urgency, and usefulness. This helps students interpret the past and present world. Go


Judaic Studies (Maurice Greenberg Center)

The Maurice Greenberg Center for Judaic Studies is devoted to teaching original research in Judaic studies, from the biblical to modern periods. Faculty from around the world have created programs that are diverse and stimulating to the students.  Go



The need for qualified mathematicians will be greater than ever in the next decade. As a math graduate, you will find challenging and rewarding employment as a researcher, teacher, actuary, statistician, applied mathematician, or manager. Go


Modern Languages and Cultures

Students majoring in modern languages can focus on one language or combine their studies on two or more languages. Students are encouraged to participate in one of our study abroad programs.  Go



Philosophy majors study the philosophical traditions that have had a decisive influence in the development of civilizations. They examine problems that have concerned thinkers throughout history, such as questions of life, value, knowledge, community, and reality. Go



The keen analytical training characteristic of physics majors has resulted in some of our graduates going on to combine their physics degree with additional degrees and careers in medicine, business management, and in law.  Go


Politics and Government

Our students range from aspiring lawyers to budding political journalists, to theorists pitting Madison against Marx to would-be Senators and Congresspeople, to environmentalists to tycoons-to-be. Go



In psychology, emphasis is placed on developing critical thinking and analytical skills so students become adept at formulating meaningful questions, implementing strategies to enhance development, and solving problems of individual and group behavior.  Go


Sociology and Criminal Justice

Ever wondered why some people are poor and others are wealthy? Why men are paid more than women for the same work? How anyone could abuse a child? If so, then you have experienced the same curiosity that inspires the "sociological imagination." Go

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